Cyber Security Challenges Require Holistic Approach: DG TigistTunisia to attend International Conference on Disability next October in Italy

Addis Ababa: Addressing the challenges of cyber security requires a holistic approach involving collaboration among governments, private sector, and international organizations, Information Network Security Administration (INSA) Director-General Tigist Hamid said. A two-day cyber security and digital transformation conference organized by INSA and Ethiopian Cyber Security Association kicked off today. In her opening remark, Director-General of INSA, Tigist Hamid said that technology underpins every aspect of the society, from financial transactions to vital infrastructure and this reliance puts everyone at risk for never-before-seen dangers. 'The rise of AI and the increase of cyber-attacks are known risks within the international community; yet, it does come as a surprise that both of these topics fall within the top five risks for 2024,' she emphasized. Citing the World Economic Forum, 2024 Report, Tigist pointed out that cyber security came in number four in the short-term and eighth in the long-term r elating to global risks ranked by severity, and she added 'while we should be happy about technological advancements, we also need to be cautious about the risks associated with improper technological understanding.' 'In 2024, the cyber security landscape continues to present significant, evolving challenges. We should reassess our security strategies while becoming more nimble, adaptive, and proactive to stay ahead of the curve. The adversaries we face are not confined by borders; they navigate the virtual realm with stealth and sophistication. We must fortify our defenses, collaborate across sectors and borders, and remain vigilant in the face of this persistent danger,' she stressed. Furthermore, the Director-General pointed out the need for holistic approach that involves the collaboration among governments, private sector, and international organizations to address the challenges of cyber insecurity. By the end of 2024, the cost of cyber-attacks on the global economy would top 10.5 trillion USD, she s tated, and added that cyber security has evidently become a very critical concern that needs the attention of researchers, academicians, and organizations to confidentially ensure the protection and security. 'The quantity, the complexity, the severity of cyber-attacks have also escalated at national level. In Ethiopia, 4,623 cyber-attack attempts were recorded during the first-half of the 2016 fiscal year. In the same period, the percentage of high risk cyber-attacks has more than doubled to 115 percent as compared to the first-six months of 2015 fiscal year report,' Tigist elaborated. According to the Director-General, majority of the institutions targeted by cyber attackers included banks and financial institutions, security and intelligence agencies, media outlets, critical government agencies, federal and regional offices as well as institutions of higher learning. Source: Ethiopian News Agency Italian Minister for Disabilities, Alessandra Locatelli, Monday, sent an invitation to Tunisia to participate in the International Conference on Disability and Diversity (ICDD), scheduled for next October in Italy. During meeting held with Social Affairs Minister, Malek Ezzahi, who is paying a working visit to Rome from March 4 to 6, the Italian minister expressed her country's readiness to support the International Center for the Advancement of Persons with Disabilities (CIPPH) in Gammarth, namely by sharing experiences in the field, reads a statement of the Social Affairs Ministry. The meeting also focused on ways to consolidate bilateral partnership in the social field as well as promoting the rights of persons with disabilities. The Minister of Social Affairs spoke of Tunisia's efforts to ensure the full integration of persons with disabilities in schools, vocational training centers and on the job market, through the «Economic Integration Challenge Programme.» Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse