DAR-ES-SALAAM, Tanzanian government officials and political analysts here are agreed that as a sovereign country, Tanzania cannot be swayed by foreign aid in its decisions on both local and international affairs.

The remarks were made almost unanimously in response to threats by the United States of aid cutbacks on account of Tanzania's support of a United Nations resolution on the status of Jerusalem following President Donald Trump's decision the holy city as the capital of Israel.

The Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs and East African Co-operation, Suzan Kolimba, said that, as a sovereign country, Tanzania cannot also interfere in the internal affairs of any other country.

We are a sovereign country our principles on foreign policy decisions are well known internationally. We respect the fundamental human rights enshrined in our laws and international (all) conventions to which we are signatory we never (seek to) undermine anybody, she explained.

She also stressed that Tanzania would always strictly observe principles, laws, rules and regulations.0 On possible aid cuts as threatened by the US government on account of the vote on the UN resolution condemning the US decision, Kolimba said Tanzania would not interfere in any other country's decisions.

To give or not to give aid is purely an internal affair and that is decided by the respective country it's illogical that any one person should be telling another person what to do or what not to in this context, she noted.

Veteran politician Pius Msekwa, said Tanzania could not possibly be swayed by foreign aid in making decisions on both local and international affairs. He said Tanzania's stand had sent a clear message to the world that its position on foreign aid had never changed.

People should not forget that, since (former president) Mwalimu Julius Nyerere's era, Tanzania never accepted aid from any country if there were 'strings attached' this position has never changed, Msekwa stressed.

I remember Mwalimu saying at one occasion that, 'we will not accept aid from any country if there are strings attached simply because Tanzania is an independent nation. No one has the right to tell us what to do and what not to, Msekwa added.

The former Speaker of the National Assembly and CCM Vice- Chairman (Mainland), reminded the public that there was a time when Mwalimu Nyerere rejected financial assistance from Germany and Britain after attaching some conditions to it.

The UN General Assembly resolution stated that any decision to change the status of Jerusalem was null and void, had no legal effect and that it must be rescinded. It also called on member countries not to set up diplomatic missions in Jerusalem.

Tanzania made it clear that it would not shift its own diplomatic office from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem.