Dar es Salaam, "Responsible for the new role of the Authority for the management of climate services in the country as set out in the law". Spoke the Hon. Engineer. Isack Kamwelwe, Minister of Construction, Transport and Communications, as he officially launched the new TMA Board of Tanzania.

Hon. Kamwelwe urged the Board to ensure that it closely monitors the implementation of the law establishing the TMA. He also urged the Board to ensure that the Authority's revenue increases by ensuring revenue collection takes into account all sources of commercial weather services, in addition to that he also wanted the Board to improve the interests of staff in order to eliminate the tide of migrant workers in pursuit of better interests abroad. and locally.

And the chairman of the Board, Dr. Buruhani Nyenzi expressed his sincere gratitude to the Hon. The President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Dr. John Alcohol Magufuli for nominating himself as Chairman and Dr. Makame Omar Makame to be the Vice Chairman of the Tanzania Climate Change Authority (TMA). In addition Dr. Nyenzi said he recognizes that the responsibilities given to them are heavy and require accountability and hard work, professionalism and strength.

This position is a sensitive one and the responsibilities that have been entrusted to me and my fellow Board members are heavy and requiring accountability and the speed, professionalism and energy to be able to live up to the great vision of Mr. President, John Alcohol Magufuli . Said Dr. Star.

On the other hand while giving a brief TMA statement, Dr. Agnes Kijazi, described the activities performed by the TMA as well as the achievements of the Authority including the introduction of various software (TMAs) to improve the functionality of the TMAs developed by experts within the Authority and thus reduce the cost of operating.

Initially, one of the members of the Board who also represented the Secretary-General (Transport) Engineer. Aron Kisaka gave a brief description of the Board's identity and expressed his gratitude to the Hon. The President and the Hon. Minister for the nominations made by the Chairman, Vice Chairman and members of the Board.

The inauguration of the new Board has taken place at the headquarters of the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Communications, Dar es Salaam. The members of the Board are Drs. Dr. Buruhani (Chairman), Dr. Makame Omar Makame (Vice Chairman), Capt. Large Temba (Member), Mr. Robert Sunday (Member), Mrs. Marystella Mtalo (Member), Mrs. Jane Kikunya (Member), Engineer. Aron Kisaka (Member) and Dr. Agnes Gazazi (Secretary).

Source: Tanzania Metrological Agency