That’s a tip of the iceberg, Commander Simon Sirro

A long time ago, the city of Dar es Salaam, later also known as Dar es Salaam Region, after its three municipalities of Temeke, Ilala and Kinondoni were also designated as administrative districts and � as the police force is concerned � police regions, was widely touted as a 'Haven of Peace'.

Despite the occurrence of isolated acts of crime across the metropolis, largely pick-pocketing, street pilferages, house-breaking, muggings and rape, there had been a satisfactory degree of law and order worth mentioning in the region.

In recent years, however, it seems that such crime-free record has eluded Dar es Salaam to the extent that residents and visitors (on travel advisory) alike are compelled to exercise great caution when walking, riding or driving past some spots at night or, in some cases, even in broad daylight.

But wait a minute! It would be unfair not to say a word or two about our security organs, most especially the police force. In fact the police force and other security organs, both public and private, deserve accolades for the good job over the years, which has put paid to mega-crimes such as bank robberies and hold-ups involving multi-millions of shillings.

Yet; like all what criminals do, surprise, unpredictability and crowds are their most preferred methodology. They attack when you least expect it, which is good reason why our crime busters should be on the alert 24 hours a day. Talking about crowds, the festive season is now very much on.

It is a time when cash and plenty of it is at play. Transactions at the banks, supermarkets, big departmental stores, fashion bazaars, market places, etc, are at their peak moment.

All these and many more are perfect settings for criminal activities, which should be cause for worry among security organs. We have said it before and we say it again that a number of spots around Dar es Salaam are no-go areas come dusk. Residents and visitors pass there at their own risk.

Commander Sirro last week, reported that several dozens of people have been arrested around the city for interrogation in connection with various crimes. Well done. But we still believe there are many more outta there who are still at large. Go after them!

Source: Daily News