ARUSHA-- Tanzanian President Yoweri Museveni, who is the current Chair of the East African Heads of State Summit, says that regional leaders are concerned over the rate of pollution affecting Lake Victoria and the Kagera River and has called for immediate measures to save the two common resources.

The Ugandan leader expressed the common concerns of the EAC Heads of State over continuing destructive activities taking place around and within the two important water bodies linking almost all East African Community (EAC) member nations. He was addressing the current session of the East African Legislative Assembly in Kampala, Uganda.

In his speech, released here over the weekend, President Museveni urged the EAC legislators to promote the protection of the two common resources, describing both as polluted by and continue to face the wrath of irresponsible human activities around the banks and shores.

We must see how people should protect the lake and river through planting forests around them to help filter the water entering them, he added. "These, among other resources, should be managed on an East African basis and we have the ability to manage the resources collectively, so such may save us in future for East Africa's destiny."

A truly East African water body, Lake Victoria links Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, boasting a surface area of nearly 70,000 square kilometres, making it the largest in Africa, as well as the largest tropical lake in the world and the world's second largest freshwater lake by surface area, after Lake Superior in Canada.