Tanzania’s Minister for Works, Transport and Communications, Professor Makame Mbarawa, has assured development partners that the government will always be ready to receive advice and set strategies to resolve challenges so that it can achieve its goals to become a middle-income economy by 2025.

Speaking during a joint meeting between the Ministry and officials from the Work Bank, the European Union (EU), African Development Bank (AfDB) and the Japan International Co-operation Agency (JICA) here Monday, he added that the government looked forward to strong co-operation with development stakeholders, especially in the construction of railways, roads, ports and airports across the country.

“The works, transportation and communication sector takes a big chunk of the national budget and we are therefore expecting big support from development stakeholders and we are ready to take up challenges and work on advice given,” he said.

He said the government needed support from various stakeholders so that it could manage to fulfill the ongoing and coming development projects. Prof Mbarawa assured development stakeholders that the government was well prepared to fight corruption and make sure all allocated fund were used as planned.

“The government is set to start the construction of a Standard Gauge Railway later this year and upon its completion, transportation costs will go down,” he said.

“We recognize the development stakeholders’ support to the Government of Tanzania, especially to the transportation sector; we are looking forward to continue working with them for a better future.”