The Dar es Salaam Special Zone Police Commander, Simon Sirro, told journalists in the city that according to the statistics 2016 had 5,219 accidents compared to 3,710 in 2015, an increase of 35 per cent.

He said the deaths in road accidents last year were 325 while in 2015 a total of 316 people died in such mishaps.

The increase was equivalent to 2.5 per cent. Last year road accident injuries were 4,066 compared to 654 in 2015. According to Sirro, traffic offences committed last year were 769,170 compared to 386,963 offences in 2015.

He said the increase was equivalent to 49.6 per cent. He, however, said that the fines collected due to the offences last year amounted to 23,065,020,000/- compared to 11,608,700,000/- raised in 2015 which was an increase equivalent to 49.6 per cent, he said. T

The zonal commander said suspects who were charged in the court for various traffic offences last year were 4,443 compared to 2,080 suspects charged in 2015.

The increase was 2,363 which is equivalent to 53 per cent. Moreover, he said statistics of motorcyclists charged in Dar es Salaam special zone somehow decreased in 2016 compared to 2015. He said motorcycles accidents, which occurred in 2016 were 1,036. In 2015 there were 1,204.

The decrease was 168, equivalent to 13.9 per cent. The deaths due to motorcycle accidents in 2016 were 80 compared to 88 deaths which occurred in 2015. The decrease was 8 which is equivalent to 9 per cent. The people wounded in motorcycle accidents were 904 compared to 1,129 of 2015.

The decrease is 225, equivalent to 20 per cent. Motorcycles arrested for traffic offences increased to 79,746 in 2016 compared to 60,080 similar offences in 2015. The increase is 19,666 which is equivalent to 24.6 per cent.

Money collected from motorcyclists who violated traffic regulations in 2016 increased to 2,163,120,000/- compared to 1,520,550,000/- collected in 2015. The increase is 642,570,000/- equivalent to 24.6 per cent. CP Sirro urged all road users to obey traffic regulations to avoid accidents and decrease the number of deaths and injuries coming from road accidents.