Tanzania: Yanga Fate Now in FIFA’s Hands

Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) has officially confirmed receiving Young Africans letter defending the club's failure to submit their players' registration through the Domestic Transfer Matching System (DTMS) for 2016/17 season.

The Tanzania premier league champions were supposed to have submitted their registration to the World Football governing body (FIFA) by August 6 this year.

The team's Acting Secretary General Deusdedit Baraka, who earlier claimed they had already submitted it, later admitted he was confused with the registration the club had sent to the Confederations of African Football (CAF) thinking it would also serve in FIFA regulations.

The Domestic Transfer Matching System which was officially opened on June 15 required the clubs to send two officials to attend a seminar aimed at giving them knowledge on how to conduct registrations through the system.

However, Young Africans ignored the invitation to attend a three-day seminar without any explanation, a situation that risks disciplinary actions from FIFA for failure to submit their registration on time.

However, TFF disclosed that despite receiving the defence letter from them they cannot decide on the matter as the decision was in the hands of the World Football governing body (FIFA).

TFF's Information and Communication Officer, Alfred Lucas told the Daily News yesterday that Yanga Deputy Secretary General Baraka Deusdedit submitted the defence letter to the federation office as required by the federation to all the teams which have failed to complete or submit their players' registration through DTMS.

According to Lucas, Yanga and the newly promoted African Lyon are the only two topflight clubs that have failed to meet the deadline while seven others are from the First and Second divisions. Lucas told the Daily News that Yanga had been reminded several times about the matter and they failed to complete it by August 6, the day set as a deadline.

Following the failure, the club faces demotion to the lower division which is among the penalties slapped for the offence. According to FIFA guidance there are several penalties if a transfer is not completed in the correct manner or if Clubs and associations fail to apply the system after the deadline.

The penalties include an official warning, a fine, exclusion from a competition, the withholding of a trophy or award, the annulment of match results, match forfeiture, points deduction, demotion to a lower division and a transfer ban.

These, however, may be subject to a wide range of penalties imposed by FIFA's Disciplinary Committee in accordance with the seriousness of the violation.

Therefore, Yanga, African Lyon, Coastal Union, Friends Rangers, Kiluvya United to name but a few, which are among nine clubs threatened by FIFA wrath if it is not satisfied with their defence for the alleged charges.

TFF has given the nine clubs two days from yesterday to submit their defence and thereafter the federation will write to FIFA asking them to re-open the system so the clubs can complete and submit their registrations.

If satisfied with the clubs' defence, FIFA may re-open the system for two to three days.

Source: Tanzania Daily News