DAR ES SALAAM-- Tanzania Food and Drug Authority's (TFDA) routine inspection has unearthed 12 containers of fake antibiotic, Ascillin (Ampicillin 250mg capsules), in the market.

TFDA Communication and Public Relations Manager Gaudensia Simwanza said the counterfeit medicine in 1,000 capsules per box was reportedly manufactured by Astra Lifecare (India) Pvt Ltd.

She said the drug differs from the TFDA registered pills, adding that the genuine one's manufacture and expiry dates are 05/2015 and 04/2017, respectively while the fake has 04/2016 and 03/2019 as its manufacture and expiry dates.

She said between Feb 5 and 7, inspections of drugs, medical supplies and reagents were conducted in municipal councils of Dodoma, Morogoro and Singida as well as district councils of Manyoni, Iramba, Gairo, Mvomero, Kongwa and Chamwino.

The manager said that the operation targeted fake drugs and medical equipment as well as inferior and unregistered medicines in the Central Zone.

Inspectors visited 172 sites, including 48 pharmacies of human drugs, five pharmacies for animal drugs, three hospitals, three health centres, 76 shops of human medicines, 30 shops of animal medicines, one dispensary and six veterinary centres, she stated.

After the inspection, TFDA has taken a number of actions including closure of premises found with government drugs, fake drugs and without proper documents and legal proceedings against the culprits, with help from the police and pharmacy council.

TFDA has also issued a notice to the public to return all the mentioned drugs to where they were issued and all public hospitals, health centres and dispensaries that have fake drug to stop using it and instead return it to the Medical Store Department.