Tanzania: TCU Top Brass Fired As Board Gets Dissolved

Education minister Joyce Ndalichako has dissolved the Board of Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) over allegations of approving the enrollment of over 400 unqualified students.

The minister has also suspended TCU executive secretary Prof Yunus Mgaya and the TCU director of accreditation for universities, Dr Savinus Maronga over failing to supervise quality and university accreditation.

Other two officials suspended are Enrolment director Rose Kishweko and enrolment acting director and TCU chairman Awadhi Mawenya.

The minister has then appointed Prof Eleuther Mwageni TCU acting executive secretary. Before Mwageni was the deputy vice-chancellor for Planning, Finance and Administration at Ardhi University.

Dr Kokubelwa Molel has also been appointed director for enrolment and documentation. Before he was coordinator for the Department of Higher Education.

According to the minister, Mr Mwageni and Mr Molel take their positions to lead TCU temporarily, while investigations are underway.

The minister said the now exposed students got Division 4 of 32 points, they still joined university and qualified for loans. According to Prof Ndalichako, with their Division 4, these students must refund the Sh784 they received because they don't even qualify to pursue a certificate in teaching.

She said St Joseph University had enrolled 424 students without even the minimum qualification to join a university. She added that although the government ordered TCU to take action against such students, no action was taken.

"The government decided to suspend the students. However, the ministry continued with its scrutiny and so far 489 students have been discovered to have been studying at the university without minimum qualification to be at university," Prof Ndalichako noted.

The minister said It was discovered that St Joseph University was not offering quality education, leading to the closure of its compuses in Arusha and Songea. The learners from these campuses were transferred to other varsities.

"To confirm the hopelessness of the situation, reports from the University of Dodoma say that it had to return third year students from St Joseph University to second year because they knew nothing about their courses," she said. According to the minister, the situation was the same at the Sokoine University of Agriculture (Sua), where the transferred students from St Joseph University had to take up special tuition to catch up with the others.

Other students from St Joseph University, who were transferred to Mkwawa University College of Education were required to to do supplementary exams in 14 subjects.

Prof Ndalichako said ghost students at university colleges, who continued to take loans, would at any time be dealt with.

Source: The Citizen