Tanzania: Tazara CEO Calls Customer – Centric Model

The Managing Director of the Tanzania-Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA), Mr Bruno Ching'andu has laid out his vision to the employees, calling on every worker to be customer-centric in order to turn the Authority into the best transport organization in the region.

Speaking while he addressed over 500 Dar es Salaam based employees on recently in Dar es Salaam, Eng. Ching'andu said he wants to preside over a workforce that is proud to work for TAZARA, paid handsomely and competitively and operating in a safe environment, with plenty of opportunities to learn and grow.

I want us to be customer-centric, giving maximum respect to our clients and contributing to the growth of the economies of Tanzania and Zambia by paying taxes and dividends to the shareholders," he said.

The MD challenged the workers to show commitment by giving him maximum support, working as a unified team with one common goal in order to eliminate the divisive tendencies that pulled the Authority backwards.

Mr Ching'andu has further urged employees to discard the begging mentality and begin to perform because the Authority has everything it requires to raise output and revenue generation.

Source: The Citizen