Three ring roads are planned for Dodoma starting next financial year being part of preparations for the designated capital as some government ministries started to move in.

Briefing journalists shortly after meeting with the Public Accounts Committee, the Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office (Policy, Parliamentary Affairs, Labour, Youth, Employment and Persons with Disability), Jenista Mhagama said the government has decided to construct one of the ring road in the next financial year 2017/18.

The minister, who is also the Chairperson of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), noted that one of the ring road outside the city would pass through Kikombo area to link the Iringa-Dodoma, Dar es Salaaam-Dodoma, Dar es Salaam-Singida and Dar es Salaam-Babati roads.

"The government has already decided that construction of this ring road with about 91kms will start in the next financial year," she noted explaining that all the roads will be built according to international standards.

"There is central ring road and another that will also link the four roads going to neighboring regions. So we are prepared within the government to ensure that we relocate to Dodoma and that the infrastructure is able to accommodate the population."

She explained that renovations of Prime Minister's residency was on good footing, noting that the inner fence was almost done and other small works including water, electricity were almost done.

The minister's office has already relocated to Dodoma, waiting to receive Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa early next month.

On land in Dodoma, Mhagama said it is difficult to give a figure on how much will be needed to compensate locals at the moment because a lot of land will be needed for investment for investors who have shown interest in investing in Dodoma as well as government employees who would want to build their own houses.

She explained that CDA Board has already viewed a plan to survey and issue 100,000 plots in phases which will provide a clear picture of how much will be needed for compensation as well as ensuring there is no land conflicts.

"We want to finish existing land conflicts and ensure we do not have new one. I would like to thank CDA director general and Dodoma Regional Commissioner's office, they have been working round the clock to ensure we go smoothly in this exercise," she explained.

Meanwhile, the CDA Director General, Paskasi Muragili, has cautioned the general public from rushing to purchase unsurveyed land in Dodoma because they will be null and void. Muragili said CDA takes aerial pictures every two years and has aerial pictures dating back to 1978 which will be a determinant factor when claiming for compensations.

He noted that CDA has no records of failing to pay compensation to rightful people and has never been defeated and forced to pay compensation to person with false claims.

Muragili noted that Dodoma strictly adheres to laws, regulations and procedure, stressing that CDA would not like to see people incurring unnecessary losses through rushing to buy unsurveyed land from local people.

"They should not be cheated to buy land or farms from local people or think that anyone can build without a permit. Land in Dodoma is governed by CDA and it is the only authority that issues building permits, " he warned.

"According to Dodoma master plan the capital city is planned well and we are planning to issue 100,000 plots, this will help reduce the urge to invade and build without following proper procedures, which will not be tolerated," Muragili explained.