Tanzania: Public Advised to Assist People With Albinism

SOCIETY has been urged to support people with albinism so that they can access their important needs such as sunscreen lotion to protect them against sunburn.

The call was made in Dar es Salaam over the weekend by Temeke District Albino Society Chairman, Mr Kassim Kibwe, when receiving assorted items for people with albinism donated by Help for Underserved Communities (HUC).

"The direct sun rays from the sun cause skin cancer and vision loss in some people with albinism, therefore we would like to request various stakeholders to help people with albinism access the sunscreen lotions to reduce the skin cancer risks," urged Mr Kibwe.

The district has more than 358 members and the general public and private sector's efforts would help them to be free from skin cancer disease and hence reduce the number of cancer patients in the country.

According to the Ocean Road Cancer Institute (ORCI), there is a high rise of cancer patients every year.From 2000 to 2005, the institution received about 2,400 to 2,500 cancer patients while between the years 2006 to 2015, there have been about 56,000 cancer patients including people with albinism.

"These lotion and other items are so expensive and some people with albinism cannot afford them, for example, the lotion alone cost between 70,000/- and 80,000/- and should be used for about three months," noted Mr Kibwe.

On her side, HUC President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Ms Zawadi Sakapalla, vowed to continue helping the society working together with various partners from the United States of America including Eagle Bank.

"We have teamed up with our friends from USA to donate these items intended to help undeserved communities and we are also planning to offer ten scholarships to youth living in difficult environment," she said.

Among items donated were sun glasses, caps and sunscreen lotions, both used to protect people with albinism from the effects of sun rays.

Source: Tanzania Daily News