DAR ES SALAAM-- Tanzania's president, John Magufuli has warned the country's ambassadors and diplomats to account for their performance or risk being returned home.

Magufuli, who was officiating the swearing-in ceremony of a new deputy foreign minister, Dr. Damas Ndumbalo, said he will not hesitate to dismiss non-performing ambassadors representing Tanzania in various countries.

Ndumbalo replaces Dr. Susan Kolimba who was this week relieved of her duties by the president.

A statement by State House Director of Communication, Gerson Msigwa, said the president had also appointed Dr Fariji Kasidi Mnyepe as the permanent secretary of the ministry.

I have appointed you [Dr Ndumbalo] to go and restructure this ministry tell ambassadors who are representing Tanzania in other countries to give you a report detailing the a, b, c, d of what they have done to help this country,'' Magufuli said after the swearing-in ceremony.

''If not, they should be dismissed and returned home.

Magufuli said he was disappointed with affairs at the foreign ministry, explaining that he has received complaints from key allies of the country.

I have information that the Chinese embassy wrote over 24 letters to the ministry but only two were responded to. I don't want this to happen again,'' the president revealed.

The president then explained that it was the duty of the deputy minister of foreign affairs to run the day to day activities at the ministry.

Don't be driven by directors. It is you who basically has to make things happen at the ministry. As for the minister, this post usually entails that he or she travel outside the country most of the time.

Tanzania's foreign affairs minister, Augustine Phillip Mahiga, at the time of the swearing-in, was representing Magufuli at the United Nations General Assembly in New York.