ARUSHA,-- Tanzanian Pres John Magufuli has committed 10 billion/- for his own brainchild project which will involve the construction of new police quarters, first in Arusha and later on, across the nation as the project widens.

The soon to be built houses will be strictly for low ranking police officers, because these are the ones who do all the work, but also live in squalid conditions, the Head of State announced, shortly after witnessing military drills and demonstrations by members of the Police Force in Arusha Region.

Speaking at the Sheikh Amri Abeid Stadium where the event was held, he instructed Members of Parliament (MPs) through their constituencies' development funds, to pool into the new project which will ensure that policemen and women are housed in respectable homes.

Magufuli decided to introduce the new project of housing police officers after he inaugurated the 18 new police quarters that had just been built to replace the houses that were razed by fire late last year at the police barracks in Arusha.

The president made a cash donation of 260 million/- to assist in the replacement and offsetting incurred losses, as well as in the construction of new living quarters for police officers' families, whose houses went up in flames, late last year.

In addition to Magufuli's contribution, the Police Force added another 40 million/- to the sum and completed the required amount of 300 million/- to build new houses for the fire victims.

Alongside that, the Head of State inaugurated the first Tourism and Diplomatic Police Station in Arusha, a facility which will now handle all matters related to foreign tourists and expatriates living, working or visiting the country.

The new centre will also serve as special security hub to deal with matters of concern regarding tourists' encounters, threats and other problems faced when the visitors are sampling attractions within the Northern Zone circuit. As it happens, the Northern Zone is essentially the precinct that receives nearly 90 per cent of all foreign visitors touring the country per annum.

All issues of tourists, diplomatic envoys, foreign expatriates and other visitors will be handled by special member of staff and police officers trained to take care of foreigners and foreign issues, linking directly with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation, Home Affairs and the Immigration Department.