Tanzania: Police Gun Down Three Suspected Gang Leaders in Tanga Forest

Three suspect bandits were shot dead by police on Tuesday in the ongoing crackdown on gangsters at Amboni Caves.

Tanga regional police commander Leonard Paul told reporters yesterday that the three men are believed to be ring leaders of a criminal network. He said they allegedly were part of a gang that killed four residents of Kibatini Village and took part in the killings at the Central Bakery in Tanga recently.

In addition the RPC said the police had seized two Sub-Machine Guns (SMGs) with 30 rounds of ammunition, a pistol, cutlasses, clothes, cooking utensils and items thought to be used in sorcery all found in the caves.

He said this while updating reporters on the progress of the crackdown on bandits in the region.

According to the RPC, the alleged gangsters killed in Kibatini forest in Mzizima Ward have been identified as Abdulkadir Singano, Seif Jumanne and Ramadhani Mohamed.

"These were the ring leaders in the incidents that took place in succession in Tanga Region. They were involved in the network of criminals killed in Dar es Salaam including their leader, Abduu Seif," commander Paulo said.

He added that the killings of the ring leaders in the banditry incidents signified that the region was now back to its peace and tranquility.

However, some residents of Kibatini, who have moved to Kona-Z hamlet, Kiomoni Ward, after the killings of their relatives, said they were still living in fear and do not believing if those killed were the real culprits.

"We call upon the police force to satisfy itself more whether these who were killed were illegal immigrants, bandits or who they were," Razalo Lucas, a resident of Amboni, queried.

The Tanga Police operation comes three days after their counterparts in Dar es Salaam said they had killed two bandits believed to have perpetrated killings in Tanga and Mwanza.

The bandits, who were killed in separate incidents in two different parts of Dar es Salaam, were shot dead as they engaged Police in gunfire.

Source: The Citizen