Tanzania: Nnauye Tells Fans to Stand for National Pride

Minister for Information, Culture, Arts and Sports, Nape Nnauye has said that football fans should put aside their differences and cheer for the country when it comes to international competitions.

Nnauye said that Yanga and Simba fans have had their differences lived on despite one of their clubs carrying the country's flag in the international assignments.

He said all fans including those of Simba should rally behind their Yanga in the CAF Confederation Cup's campaign as the club's participation reflects the country. "We thank Yanga for their brave and good representation of the country in their CAF Confederation Cup, this is about the nation's pride.

"I call upon all fans, regardless of their respective club interests to support Yanga and rally behind their success," he said.

Yanga and Simba have had a 'dirty campaign' against one another when it comes to CAF Club tournaments.

Its very minor to see fans of the other side cheering for an oversea opponents when they play their international assignments.

Nnauye also hailed Yanga leadership, under chairmanship of Yusuf Manji for peacefully holding the club's general without disrupting their continental campaign.

Yanga, who are the sole representatives in the CAF Confederation Cup, where last night expected to play hosts, Algeria's Mouloudia Bejaia in the first match of the group stage at Unite Maghrebine Stadium in the port city of Bejaia.

The last time for Yanga to feature in the group stage of CAF Championship was in 1998.

The Mainland champions, flew to Bejaia on Friday from Turkey for their last night's group opener.

Source: The Citizen