Tanzania: Musings – With JPM, Every Dog Has Its Day

The evenings seem to be the best time of the day at this time of the year here on southern shows of Lake Victoria.

The dry season is upon us and it is very dry indeed. Dust covers almost everything.

At least in the evening it's less windy making it an ideal time for a cold drink and nyama choma. And of course the dirty dust is less visible.

The other day I laughed until a bout of coughing made me stop.

My friend Prude aka Mr Smart goes about with a toothbrush in his pocket.

He takes every chance he gets to clean off dust from his shoes.

That is his unique way of combatting the dirt on his boots.

He is, let us say, addicted to keeping the shinny look on his shoes.

To my amusement he did the brushing off business as soon as we sat at the pub. Responding to my question with glee, Mr Smart said, "You never know, my friend, I believe I still have a chance of being picked at least for Ward Executive Officer title. Remember I told you JPM was once my Chemistry teacher."

He then pulls out the brush and starts scrubbing his shoes.

What amuses me is that after the cleaning has been done; he puts the brush with a very dirty looking head back into his pockets.

I asked him whether it was better walking around with dusty shoes or carrying a dirty brush in your pocket?

He smiled and said, "First impression, first impression, man. Who will see that brush through my cloth?"

I saw no sense in arguing with the fellow any further.

So we joined in the usual gossip session at the pub.

As you know this is a place you will hear all sorts of gossips and rumours from all type of sources.

The good thing about these tales they just remain tales.

Some off-the record non-attributable stuff you would say in a social forum setting.

These are stories full of exaggerations with plots destined mostly to charm before the drink really sinks in.

Stories of people especially politicians, places like Europe and America, stories of events are told and retold, recycled over and over again.

"Would someone help, is JPM a freemason?" a guy in the pub's corner asked. It was if the man was asking all of us randomly.

The conversation at that point was all about freemasons and all the sorts that you get in the udaku yellow newspaper, stories about freemason's society in this country.

"That is possible. Do you think becoming Boss of the Republic is a joke? You don't get such power hivi hivi tu. Even that Diamond is also Freemason."

Kiteu commented as he always does in almost every gossip in his presence.

"To join the elite in this world you have to be a Freemason. These guys have supernatural means of commanding power and money," said Kiteu.

He was still telling us about how Freemasons can be contacted when something else happened.

Suddenly the place became so chaotic as Matata walked in,

"Give these guys two, two each and bring that large muzinga of the spirit of the Nation," he commanded.

He was in an expensive looking suit which looked like decision-making material.

There were cheers all over the place, the homeboy had been selected to join Team JPM recently and had just returned from Dar!

Source: The Citizen