Tanzania: Mangula Advises Opposition MPs to Attend Sessions

CCM Vice-Chairman (Mainland), Mr Philip Mangula, advised the Members of Parliament (MPs) from opposition to refrain from absconding parliamentary sessions saying they were not doing justice to their electorate.

Mr Mangula said boycotting the parliamentary sessions, particularly at this time when the august House was engaged in debating the national budget was totally wrong and were doing injustice to their electorate.

"I advise them to participate effectively in the parliament sessions especially in this time where the national budget is ongoing because the sessions are un-repeated," said Mr Mangula.

The Vice-Chairman advanced such advice as the MPs from the opposition camp are boycotting the parliamentary budget sessions for several days for what they claim of having no confidence with the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr Tulia Ackson who is chairing the sessions on behalf of the Speaker, Mr Job Ndugai who is in India for medical treatment.

Mr Mangula made his remarks yesterday in Dar es Salaam after he launched "MAJIPU YA NCHI YETU, TUSHIRIKIANE KUYATUMBUA" written by Amosi Siyantemi who was among the presidential contestants for the ruling party.

Commenting on the theme of the book, Mr Mangula said is the best book that contains good message to the general public because it encourages good leadership, patriotism, integrity and also the book encourages the fight against corruption.

"I also advise journalists to write books that would bring positive changes to our society because you have a great opportunity of doing so through researches you are conducting everyday when searching facts for news articles," he said, adding that positive thoughts written in books would help to shape the development of the society easily than news articles.

According to the author of the book, Mr Siyantemi, the content of the book is to encourage patriotism and accountability for executives, leaders and citizens in general and at the same time to support the efforts of President John Magufuli in his slogan 'HAPA KAZI TU'.

Source: Tanzania Daily News