DAR-ES-SALAAM, The governments of Tanzania and India have signed an agreement on marine research co-operation aimed at providing guidance and support in the sector, says the Indian High Commissioner (Ambassador) to Tanzania, Sandeep Arya.

He said in a statement released here Tuesday that Tanzania's Land, Housing and Human Settlements Development Minister, William Lukuvi, had attended the completion of the fifth phase research and the preparation of the marine trips for Tanzania port.

The study was conducted by the Indian Marine Research Office over the past four years, added Arya. He said Minister Lukuvi received the original drawings of marine trips on behalf of the government of Tanzania.

The findings of marine research on marine vessels and drawings on marine travels are for the use of all marine users through the Tanzanian Government office for the purposes of safe trips at the port," he said.

These drawings are also important for port planning and development, scientific research, for the use of marine resources, and others. Previous studies enabled access to travel drawings in the form of paper and electronic developed by the Indian Marine Research Office for the Port of Dar-es-Salaam, Zanzibar, Tanga, and other regional ports."

He emphasized the partnership between India and Tanzania not only for researching and drawings for marine transport, but also for short and long-term training for Tanzanian officials in the field of aquatic drawings, sponsored by the government of India.

The High Commissioner said the research included the Indian Ocean which links India and Tanzania, and has been a major source of trade for centuries between these two countries. This partnership also supports the merger of marine trips by enhancing security for the arriving and departing ships in Tanzania.