A maurading Hyena over the weekend attacked and mauled two children in a Maasai homestead locally known as 'Manyaata' to death at Olojomenoku village in Ngorongoro Division.

Narrating the sad incident, Nainokanoka Ward Representative in Ngorongoro Division, Edward Maura, said the marauding wolf attacked the children while asleep in their parent's homestead.

Previously, a pack of the Hyenas whose numbers could not be readily established were heard laughing in the area, before one of them left the group and stray into the residents' village in the dusk hours. The Hyena who left the pack was the one believed to have invaded the hut where the two children were asleep on their own without their parent(s) or any guardian sleeping with them.

The marauding animal was reported to have killed the children named as Akapuko Ngaruma (5) and Esupati Ngaruma who was only nine months old. Reports coming out of scene indicated that the children's mother, Naitopi Ngaruma was reported to have been asleep in a separate hut, but within the same roof, only to scream because she was also attacked by the same Hyena.

"She heard some noise in the youngsters' hut and rushed to save them, but the animal jumped onto her neck and helplessly brought her down. Their father, Ngaruma Parisuloi also suffered severe attack when the animal descended on him on his arms.

The Ward representative pointed out that after the animal had attacked the family, it then rushed to the nearby livestock pen where it attacked and killed a calf, goat and sheep, partially eating them.

He said the commotion woke up the neighbours from nearby huts who rushed to the scene with all sorts of weapons including spears and managed to kill the animal, adding that: "Thereafter they rushed the parents of the dead children to Karatu District Hospital for treatments."

Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority Public Relations Officer, Nickson Nyange, who was contacted for a comment said it was sad and strange that the animal had invaded the family, adding that it was the first scene in the area.

"Though Hyenas are well known to be usually scavengers who eat carcasses, the incident of one of them attacking human beings in isolation requires thorough investigation and our researchers are already working on that," he pointed out.

He said currently there are about 500 Hyenas in the area, who hunt in groups in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and for many days, they have been living also within the crater.