Tanzania: Homemade Guns Surrendered to Police Stations

ABOUT 61 homemade firearms locally known as gobole owned illegally have been surrendered at different police posts in Katavi Region since the exercise was officially launched on March 21, this year.

The Katavi Regional Commissioner (RC), Mr Damas Nyanda, said the verification exercise will officially end on June 30, this year, saying that so far 61 per cent of firearms verification have been completed and established that most of them are legally owned.

He further said that during the exercise, people who illegally owned homemade firearms have voluntarily surrendered them to police posts and offices of local functionaries in the region.

The RPC further said that the ongoing firearms verification exercise will involve individuals, public and private companies as well as institutions that are in possession of firearms.

The verification is carried out at the district police commanders' offices in Mlele, Mpanda District as well as in Mpanda Municipality in the region. He said that all proprietors of guns should report to such offices with documents as well as two passport size photos.

He appealed to people owning guns illegally to voluntarily surrender them to the police stations, saying that after the June 30 deadline, police force will launch a special operation to arrest all people owning weapons illegally.

According to the RPC, family members of gun owners who have died should also surrender the guns to police stations for safe keeping, where they will also be informed of other procedures that will enable them to own it.

While the verification exercise was in progress, the RPC further said two people believed to be hardcore poachers also engaged in different criminal activities in the region have been arrested for being in unlawful possession of 70 round of ammunitions used in heavy weapons of SMG and SAR.

Mr Nyanda said the duo were caught ready handed with ammunitions at Mpanda Old Town within Mpanda Municipality on May 25, this year and that they will be arraigned once preliminary investigations of their case is over .

Source: Tanzania Daily News