Tanzania: Government to Act On Mounting Land Conflict

The Government has so far registered a total of 289 land conflicts across the country; 35 of them (12.5 percent) involving national reserves, the Parliament has been told.

Mr Makanin told MPs that resolution of the listed conflicts would start immediately after the Budget Session, which ends on July 1.

Information released earlier by the government shows that a total of six ministries would jointly deal with land conflicts across the nation.

Some of the ministries are Land, Housing and Human Settlement Development, Natural Resources and Tourism, Regional Administration and Local Governments; Water and Irrigation as well as Agriculture, Fisheries and Livestock Development.

The Deputy Minister urged all MPs whose areas border national reserves to check with him to ascertain if conflicts in their areas have been listed by the government.

Answering another question from Catherine Magige (Special Seats - CCM), Mr Makani said conflicts between Serengeti national Park with surrounding villages in Serengeti, Bunda, Ngorongoro, Tarime, Busega, Bariadi and Meatu Districts were partly fuelled by the delay by the government to mark the national park borders.

Source: The Citizen