Tanzania: Goodal Hails War On Corruption

An internationally renowned ethologist and a United Nations (UN) Messenger of Peace, Dr Jane Goodal, has hailed President John Magufuli for his stance in the war against corruption.

Dr Goodal made the remarks at Gombe National Park, saying she hoped the president's determination in ending abuse of public offices could bring about more conservation and consequently tourists and revenue.

The primatologist and anthropologist who is best known for her study of chimpanzees' social and family life at Gombe in 1960 has set a record for the longest research of its kind in the world, as she still works under the Jane Goodal Institute (JGI) she founded.

Dr Goodal (82), considered to be the world's best expert on chimpanzees said it is important to fight corruption so that, among other matters, conservation takes shape.

"There are many conflicts over land ... fight corruption so that conservation takes shape. President Magufuli is doing a lot, so he will help TANAPA (Tanzania National Parks) in their work.

Dr Goodal was reacting to questions she invited from members of the media, indicating that corruption could be used to enable poaching or degrading the national parks in various ways.

She advised the Government to increase its budget on conservation of the parks and game reserves, meaning that it is for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism to safeguard the resources to enable tourism to grow.

"Government gets revenue from tourism so it should take care of the whole ecosystems. Look at the infrastructure. Think of future generations. So do not degrade the environment. Empower people and children - let them choose their priorities.

"Ensure people, communities and countries live in peace and harmony," she advised. Listing as one of challenges in chimpanzee's research, Dr Goodal said in years back there were much contiguous forests adjoining Lake Tanganyika.

Forests were also in parts of Rwanda and Uganda, but now a lot of degradation has taken place and there are many chimps outside the park. She alerted that cutting trees was bad for the animals.

Source: Tanzania Daily News