Tanzania: Chadema – Prosecute Axed Directors

Dar es Salaam - President John Magufuli has been urged to take legal action against township, district and city directors, who were not reappointed after he accused them of embezzling public funds.

Reacting to the President's address to newly appointed directors at the State House yesterday, the Chadema secretary general, Dr Vincent Mashinji, said if the President failed to hold the directors accountable he should apologise for publicly declaring that they are thieves.

"Since the President has disclosed that he dropped them because they were stealing, they should be taken to court and let the law take its course. Otherwise, the President has embarrassed public servants and he should apologise," he insisted.

In a press statement signed by Chadema head of Information and Communications Department Tumaini Makene, Dr Mashinji says it was surprising the directors appointed by the same CCM that brought Dr Magufuli to office were being accused of stealing.

He also warned President Magufuli's government against bringing politics to the public service by appointing CCM cadres to hold various government positions, claiming he was contravening the Constitution and laws governing the public service in the country. "The President should know that respecting the Constitution is obligatory. Ongoing violations of the rule of law will retard social development efforts."

The statement, which quoted Dr Mashinji, says there is no explanation why President Magufuli violated the Constitution by appointing CCM cardres to public service.

He also criticised the President's order to punish teachers by deducting part of their salaries for any desk damages that would be registered in their schools. "Deducting salaries of public servants is a punishment close to firing them. Why disciplinary action such as a warning or stern warning?" he queried.

Dr Mashinji said the President was not supposed to issue such a directive because teachers were not involved in procuring desks.

Source: The Citizen