Tanzania: Bishop Praises Move to Dodoma

The Catholic Church has hailed President John Magufuli’s declaration of implementing the move to the designated capital of Dodoma.

Archbishop of the Mwanza Catholic Archdiocese Juda Thaddeus Ruwaichi said in an interview that it was unfortunate that the decision to move to Dodoma took long to be implemented.

He said the resolution for the government to move its headquarters to Dodoma was not new since it was reached more than four decades ago but wondered what happened that implementation remained in files.

“Moving to Dodoma was a legitimate resolution that the country passed but it appears it needed someone with the guts and determination to implement it. I fully support President Magufuli and ask him to move on,” he said.

Bishop Ruwaichi recalled that when he was a bishop of Dodoma Diocese there were preparations to shift the capital from Dar es Salaam as people from abroad visited the country to see how the move was being implemented. He cited Nigeria which moved its headquarters to Abuja from Lagos after borrowing a leaf from Tanzania’s Dodoma plan.

“It is due to such bold decision and many others in the pipeline that Tanzanians, regardless of their religious affiliations, need to pray for the Head of State and his entire government for their dedication. He said the move to Dodoma should be implemented with maximum ‘sobriety’ possible so that it realizes the intended goals.

Earlier, in his message during the thanksgiving mass organized by the family of the Misungwi Member of Parliament, Charles Kitwanga, on Saturday, Bishop Ruwaichi asked all government leaders to hold their positions obediently and trustfully.

The holy mass was organized by Kitwanga’s family as a thanksgiving to God for what the former Home Affairs Minister described as thanking God for the welfare of the family, for guidance in his political struggles as well as praying for the family members who died.

Another goal for the mass was to pray for President Magufuli, his father, the late Mzee Joseph and daughter Juliana, who also passed away in 2007 and 2014 respectively.

Kitwanga thanked God for guiding him and his family, insisting that involving the family of President Magufuli in that special prayer was something personal known better to himself and family.

The event was also attended by the Catholic Bishop of Musoma Diocese Bishop Michael Msonganzila, Misungwi District Sheikh Hussein Hussein and other top district government leaders among other people in attendance. Sheikh Hussein thanked Kitwanga for organizing prayers for the government and his family challenging other politicians to remember returning back to God and repent.

Source: Tanzania Daily News.