Eight people have been beheaded at Kibatini in Amboni area in Tanga City by unidentified assailants, Tanzanian police said.

The incident took place on Monday night and police here are hunting for the suspects, vowing that all killers will be arrested and arraigned.

This is the first killing in such a horrific manner, which has never happened before in the history of this quiet Indian Ocean city since independence, throwing residents here into fear.

The Tanga Region Police Commander, Leonard Paul, said that the incident is shocking, adding that security organs have been dispatched to the area in a special operation to search for the killers and their accomplices.

He said the killings took place in the post-midnight hours as the killers invaded one house after another for an unknown motive. He said in the first house that they invaded; they beheaded three family members identified as Issa Hussein (50), Mkala Hussein (40) and Hamisi Issa (20).

He said from there, they attacked another nearby house where they killed other two family members identified as Mikidadi Hussein (70) and Issa Ramadhani (age yet to be established).

The regional police boss further said that the killers went on with their evil mission and invaded another house where they killed three people who were identified by a single name each as Mahamudu, Kadir and Salum.

The regional police chief further told reporters that after the killings, the assailants disappeared into the nearby Amboni Forest, taking with them biscuits and bags of rice they stole from a shop there. He vowed to pursue the killers in a 24-hour operation daily until all the killers are arrested and taken to court to answer murder charges.

Paul repeated his call to the residents here to remain calm as "the police force and other security organs are continuing with the operation in Amboni Forest''. He appealed to the people to give maximum support to the security organs by volunteering any information on the movements of the killers to facilitate their arrest as soon as possible.

The RPC said apart from the manhunt, security organs have stepped up surveillance in the area to ensure that such killings don't happen again.

Speaking about the incident, the Mzizima Ward Councillor, Fredrick Chilumba, said that remaining families have fled their homes for fear of more terrorist attacks.

This tranquil city has of late experienced several daring incidents of armed robberies, including the one that took place on April 20 at the Central Bakery where four people were killed on the spot and others sustaining serious gun wounds.

The bakery incident was followed by another gun robbery, which took place at Donge Petrol Station where bandits made away with 10m/-. After the two incidents, the police force launched a manhunt in which four gangsters suspected to have been involved in the incidents were killed in an exchange of fire with the police at Amboni.

Source: Nam News Network