President Mahama Receives Credentials Of Seven Envoys

President John Dramani Mahama yesterday received letters of credence from seven envoys posted to Ghana.

The envoys are: Mrs Maria de Los Angeles Arriola Aguirre of the United Mexican states (Mexico), Ms Tove Degnbol, Kingdom of Denmark, Mr Emmanuel Zeev Mehl of the State of Israel and Mr Joseph Nourrice of the Republic of Seychelles.

The rest are; Mr Harry Purwanto of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr Daniel Ole Njoolay of Tanzania and Professor Sci Jovan Maric of Serbia.

Addressing them in separate ceremonies, President Mahama said his administration would cooperate fully with all the envoys to ensure that the bilateral relations in trade, commerce and the economy were strengthened in the coming years.

On Denmark, President Mahama commended the country for their support in the liberalisation of Africa during the colonial days and the support the Danish government offered to West Africa during the outbreak of the Ebola Virus disease in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

President Mahama said the Danish support to Ghana, in the areas of health, local governance, sanitation and environment and private sector development had been phenomenal. "Denmark's recent support to the Meridian Port Services to expand the Tema port is even more useful and will help to strengthen our cooperation."

On Israel, President Mahama gave the assurance that better relations would be cemented in the areas of agriculture, education, trade and commerce. President Mahama promised to support all parties involved in the Middle East crisis to find lasting solutions to ensure peace and security in the area.

He said the relations between Ghana and Seychelles was rooted from the receiving of Nana Prempeh I, who sought refuge on the Island, after he had series of problems against the British in their numerous wars.

The President said Ghana and Mexico had signed a memorandum of understanding to exchange ideas in parliamentary affairs, while exchange programmes in education had over the years been established.

President Mahama said Ghana and Indonesia were proposing a memorandum of understanding on a permanent joint cooperation after their successful relations as members of the Non Aligned Movement.

On Tazania, he said, former Presidents Kwame Nkrumah and Julius Nyerere were allies in the struggle for African independence and their common ideals in democracy and good governance had been phenomenal.

President Mahama said Serbia and Ghana had historic relations during the days of former President Nkrumah in their alliance in the Non-aligned Movement and Ghana has also renewed relations with Serbia in the area of Defence.

Ms Degnbol, Danish Ambassador to Ghana, promised to step up their relations with Ghana in health, trade and commerce, whilst Mr Joseph Nourrice of the Seychelles promised to leverage their relations with Ghana in Tourism.

The others promised to step up their relations in trade, commerce, economics, politics and education to reduce poverty, disease and hunger in their various countries.

Source: Government of Ghana.