DAR-ES-SALAAM, The Tanzania Meteorological Agency (TMA) has forecast normal to above normal rainfall over most parts of the country between next month and April next year, a scenario which will bring smiles to the faces of farmers.

Occasional heavy rains are expected, especially towards January next year. The rainfall season is likely to start in November and December, this year, TMA Director-General Dr Agnes Kijazi told a media conference here Tuesday.

Unimodal areas receive one rainfall season per annum and they include the western, central and southwestern highlands in addition to the southern regions and southern coast region, she added when briefing the media on the Msimu rainy season.

Incidence of short periods of heavy rainfall which may lead to floods associated with various impacts to society are expected over a few areas and sufficient soil moisture to support agriculture is predicted in many areas, Dr Kijazi added.

She warned that there is a likelihood of outbreaks of water-borne diseases, especially in areas with poor sewerage systems in urban areas and those with a shortage of safe and clean water supplies.

Likewise, people and companies engaged in artisanal mining are advised to take safety precaution since excessive water in the soil may trigger landslides and cave-ins of the mining pits. On the other hand, there will be significant water levels in dams to support hydro-electric power generation, she noted.

Dr Kijazi explained that soil moisture levels are likely to support crop production and pasture for livestock and wildlife. Farmers and livestock keepers are advised to harvest rain waters for immediate and future use, fish farmers are urged to practise modern aquaculture and sustainable fishing, she said.