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There's been "a significant drop in violence" in Syria following the cessation of hostilities agreement between warring parties, the UN Special Envoy for the country has said.

Staffan de Mistura said that the capital, Damascus, and central Syria were calm, although there were reports of fighting between terrorists from the Al Nusra group and government forces in the south of the country.

Here's Mr de Mistura.

"Every report we have been seeing indicates a significant drop in violence. Calm appears to have prevailed across Hama, Latakia, Aleppo City and rural Aleppo and Idlib with only some allegations of sporadic and geographically isolated incidents."

He added that a day after the ceasefire began, some 24 aid trucks are "loaded and ready" to deliver relief to east Aleppo.

Food aid provided to 140,000 in North Korea

Food assistance has been provided by the UN to more than 140,000 people in the north of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea following what have been described as "some of the worst floods in recent history."

The floods were caused by heavy rainfall due to Typhoon Lionrock.

The World Food Programme said that whole villages have been washed away by flash floods.

The UN agency added that people are in urgent need of shelter, access to clean water and health services, as well as food and nutrition assistance.

UN ready to support earthquake victims in East Africa

The UN has said it is ready to support the victims of an earthquake which struck in East Africa on Saturday, leaving 16 people dead.

The magnitude 5.9 tremor hit the border area between Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda.

Some 170 people were hospitalized and 840 buildings destroyed.

Here's the UN Resident Coordinator in Tanzania Alvaro Rodriguez.

"We understand already that some of the priorities will be around shelter, and what we call non-food items. There will also be a need, possibly, for food."

Daniel Dickinson, United Nations

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Source: United Nations Radio.