Mahama, Merkel & Solberg Co-Host Securing a Healthy Future

President John Mahama last Saturday shared Ghana's success story in the health sector at a forum he co-hosted with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg in New York.

The Forum, Securing A healthy Future, was in line with Goal 3 of the newly adopted Sustainable Development Goals and an initiative of the three leaders, started earlier this year to help lay a global foundation for the early detection and effective containment of epidemics, and strengthening health systems across the world.

The initiative followed last year's Ebola outbreak in three West African Countries with cases reported in other countries including the USA. In response to a proposal from Messrs. Mahama, Merkel and Solberg, the UN Secretary General has set up a High Level Panel chaired by the President of Tanzania who are reviewing and are expected to come out with recommendations for a Global Response to Health Crisis.

Speaking at the Forum in New York last Saturday, President Mahama advocated a strong focus on primary health care across countries, indicating that the 3 affected Ebola countries suffered more because of weakened health systems as a result of decades of war, civil strife and crisis.

President Mahama shared Ghana's efforts through the community volunteer model and the CHPS Compounds to enhance access to healthcare, and how data use and technology can be used to effectively monitor and evaluate a country's health systems to allow for efficient pre-crisis management.

Bill Gates of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in support of President Mahama's emphasis on technology gave a personal account of data collection and management in Ghana.

Source: Government of Ghana.