CAPW TOWN, Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa says it is critical that a Judicial Commission of Inquiry into State capture be established without any delay, referring to the exercise of undue influence on top officials of the State by parties seeking to advance their own personal interests.

Answering oral questions in the National Assembly here Thursday, the Deputy President said there was ample evidence of the capture of key State institutions to advance private interests. This evidence suggests that efforts to divert public resources into the hands of a few families and individuals is continuing,” he added.

While a Commission of Inquiry is necessary to ensure that the extent and depth of State capture is fully revealed and for us to understand how it happened, the investigation and prosecution of those responsible does not need to wait for the commission.”

Ramaphosa said every credible allegation needed to be investigated thoroughly by law enforcement agencies and those who have broken the law should be criminally charged. In order to put a stop to corruption and State capture, it is essential that those who are involved are brought to book, the Deputy President added.

He said he had had no indication from President Jacob Zuma that he does not intend to establish a Judicial Commission of Inquiry into State capture.

Earlier this year, President Zuma announced his intention to establish a commission of inquiry into State capture. He said at the time he deemed this to be in the public interest in the course of good governance and accountability.