Committee Supports Investigation into Alleged Bribery

The Portfolio Committee on Public Enterprises has expressed concern on the alleged media reports that Adv Nthuthuzelo Vanara, who is the evidence leader in the inquiry into the mismanagement of state funds at state-owned enterprises, has been offered a bribe by a member of the executive.

Media reports in weekend newspapers indicate that Adv Vanara submitted an affidavit to the Speaker of the National Assembly that he was offered a bribe by Minister for State Security, Mr Bongani Bongo, to walk away from the inquiry.

Members of the Committee expressed shock at the allegations and said they (the allegations) are a low point for government.

The Committee said at present the matter is treated as an allegation but indicated that the Committee welcomes and supports a thorough investigation that will be instituted by the Ethics Committee on the allegations.

The Committee said this is unacceptable and it should be seen as another attempt to intimidate the evidence leader, Parliament and the members.

The Committee proposed that the allegations should be escalated to the Office of the Public Protector.

The Chairperson for the Committee, Ms Lungi Mnganga-Gcabashe, said she notes all the comments made and said she will see which line needs to be taken first and what would be the appropriate action taken by Parliament as per comments articulated by the members.

Source: Republic of South Africa: The Parliament.