Classified info leakage explained

CONFIDENTIAL information from a number of institutions and public organisations leak because most of their employees do not have forums to express their feelings, ideas or disappointments, it has been revealed.

Without places to release their built up stress, frustrations and present ideas, many workers resort to gossips, and post their companies' secrets onto onlines such as WhatsApp groups, Facebook and anonymous blogs, disclosed Arumeru District Secondary Schools' Education Officer, Mwalimu Damari Mchome here recently.

He made the speech while speaking on behalf of the Arumeru District, Mr Alexander Mnyeti during the launch of the Tanzania Higher Learning Institute Trade Union (THTU) at the Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology recently.

Each institution should establish a respective workers' council to convene regular meetings where employees can discuss their problems and institutions listen to them, she pointed out. She hinted that the companies should become solvers of their workers problems before they resort to third parties to listen to them and gossips.

On his side, the Acting Vice Chancellor of Nelson Mandela African Institute for Science and Technology, Professor Osmund Kaunde, who is also the Chairman of the THTU at the University, said the presence of an active Trade Union and Workers Council normally helps to create a sense of belonging among employees and promote democracy as well as minimise conflicts at workplaces.

And when workers meet regularly they learn from one another and share experiences, said Prof Kaunde. He said that with his over six years period at the institution, it was the first time that Nelson Mandela Institute was forming the Trade Union branch at the campus.

According to the Acting Vice Chancellor, however, it was because NM-AIST did not have the required number of workers to form a quorum to qualify for the THTU branch requirement to have one.

It needs 80 percent of members to be employees in a particular organisation to have one, he added. The THTU branch of Nelson Mandela Institute has thus elected the Secretary General, Dr Gabriel Shirima and his Assistant Ms Leah Gonda to work alongside the chairman, Prof Kaunde.

Source: Daily News