At least 60 killed in fuel tanker explosion in Tanzania

DODOMA, At least 60 people were killed and dozens injured Saturday after a fuel tanker exploded in Tanzania's northern Morogoro town, according to local media.

Morogoro Regional Police Commander Wilbroad Mutafungwa confirmed the death toll in the East African country, The Citizen news website reported.

Mutafungwa said some burnt beyond recognition.

According to the eyewitnesses, the fuel truck overturned about 200 meters (656 feet) away from the Msanvu bus station in Morogoro.

After the accident, several people rushed into the area to collect the leaking fuel before the explosion.

Most of the people were the motor cyclists who were at the scene collecting the spilt fuel and the food vendors at Darmorogoro Highway, according to the reports.

Firefighters rushed to the scene for rescue mission.

Source: NAM News Network