Africa: Tanzania-Zambia Railway Wins Deal to Transport Malawi Fuel

Malawi government has contracted Tanzania-Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA) to transport 48 million litres of petroleum products from Dar es Salaam port in the next 12 months, starting from next month.

This was revealed after a meeting between TAZARA and a delegation of eleven officials from the Malawi government in Dar es Salaam on Monday. The Malawi delegation was headed by Mrs Estelle Nuka, Board Member of the Malawi Energy Regulation Authority, according to a statement issued in Dar es Salaam.

TAZARA Managing Director, Bruno Ching'andu, assured the Malawi delegation that with the new leadership, the railway authority had the best management team to compete with any in the world and was fully geared to take the firm to another level.

"Our shareholders have recently appointed me and my deputy and between us we have vast engineering and business experience.

Together with the rest of our management, we have the best team that can compete with any in the world and are well prepared to handle the cargo you will be bringing to us," Mr Ching'andu is quoted as saying in the statement.

TAZARA is also in discussion with the Zambian government and another private firm to begin transporting at least 14 million litres of fuel per month from the Port of Dar es Salaam to Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) within the month of July 2016, he said.

The new leadership is credited for instilling discipline in the railway operations, with the firm now registering consistent and shorter transit times in freight trains as well as passenger trains, an impediment that tended to drive clients away in the past.

The new managing director has also ordered his management team to be customer-centric, giving maximum respect to the clients and being responsive to their needs.

Source: Tanzania Daily News