About Us

The Tanzania News Reports has its name, when it comes to publishing the reliable news of all sectors of the country as well as many other international news which is related to the country. The purpose of this website is to let every single Tanzania aware of current happenings in the country, and that is the reason for this news website to be the accurate choice of common people. While publishing the news on our website, it is ensured that the news does not have any useless content that is overwhelming the actual purpose of the news. We publish news on our news website, regardless of getting worried as how much it will be beneficial to our news website as many news websites do, while running after the ratings. For us ratings do not matter, only news matters, which is of people’s interest.

The trust of the people on our news website is what which we have been carrying since the inauguration of our news website as the foundation of this website has been made by considering the basic ethics of the journalism. As we have been sticking to the basic teachings of journalism since the launch of the website, it sustains us to maintain our standard of only publishing the authentic news. As we are much concerned about publishing authentic news, it also helps us never to distract from our ultimate goal and it is to “never let any news on our website give the sense of prejudice in favor of any specific ethnic group, community or nation.

This news website has provided the useful platform for the owners of different businesses in order to get their businesses recognized internationally. Many local businesses have successfully transitioned from being the startup businesses to become the successful ones, by availing our services such as Tunisia Press Releases Services.

On every social media website, you will come across our presence and that is because we run after the valued feedbacks of our regular readers about different kinds of news on our news website. Our regular readers also have the facility of getting up to date about every event through our services such as daily email news alerts and RSS News Feeds.