CAIRO, Egypt, Egyptian Interior Ministry, announced that, 16 policemen were killed and another went missing, in Friday's shootout with terrorists, in the desert of Giza province.

The ministry said, in a statement that, 15 terrorists were either killed or injured in the armed clash, adding that, 13 policemen and officers were also injured.

The police received information that a group of terrorists were hiding in al-Wahat area, in the desert of Giza, before police forces were dispatched to launch a raid.

However, the statement added, terrorists started firing at the security forces with heavy machine guns, from all directions, as they approached their hideout, causing 12 officers and four police conscripts dead, 13 injured and one missing.

Security forces have managed to kill and injure 15 terrorists, a number of whom were evacuated by other terrorists, who escaped the scene of the battle, according to the statement.

The ministry said, the terrorists used the desert area in al-Wahat as a training place and a launching point for terror acts they carried out across the country.

Terror attacks in Egypt used to be centered in North Sinai before spreading nationwide and killing hundreds of policemen and soldiers over the past few years.

Meanwhile, security raids killed hundreds of militants and arrested a similar number of suspects, as part of the country's anti-terror war.